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KSR110 (2008)

Kawasaki KSR-110: A fun-size bike that's big in performance

Kawasaki KSR-110 big performance delivered by a fun-sized bike. The design and the engine are both designed to be friendly to use for beginners and novices drivers. while also offering a roomy layout and enough performance to suit more-advanced riders.

Power for the Kawasaki KSR-110 is loaded with a user-friendly 111cc air-cooled, SOHC two-valve, four-stroke single cylinder engine which produces an output of 8.4 horsepowers. Considering economics the Kawasaki KSR-110 drives about 55 kilometer on 1 liter fuel.

The engine's tractable power is delivered to the rear wheel via an easy-shifting, semi-automatic 4-speed transmission, complete with semi-automatic clutch. Newer riders gain confidence quickly by focusing on the basics of steering and balance instead of throttle/clutch coordination.

The frame for the Kawasaki KSR-110 is constructed of high-tensile steel, and its race-bred styling and graphics will undoubtedly please young motorcycle fans. Even for the bit older rider the Kawasaki KSR-110 is a fun to drive bike, it is no surprise the Kawasaki KSR-110 is such a big hit.

The road handling of this little green machine is great, the up-side-down front fork with a tube diameter 30mm looks not only good but also give the bike enough front suspension travel to comfortably do some little off-road driving, the rear suspension is a aluminum allow swingarm with a mono-shock.

And if in time you come less happy with the design you can find enough body and engines modifications to keep you changing the bike forever. You can even modify the 111cc engine of the Kawasaki KSR-110 by installing a 220cc bore-up kit and changing this little lime-green bike into something that parents have nightmares about.

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